Printable Wall Art FAQ

Q. The links in PDF are not working. How can I download the files I purchased?

A. Please contact me at ( I will e-mail you a link you can directly copy and paste to access google drive as soon as I can.

Q. I cannot unzip/extract files. What should I do?

A. If you have a problem extracting zip files, it is mostly because the application your computer uses does not support a certain type of zip file. Try to use other applications such as:

For PC: Win-Rar ( ) or 7-zip ( )
For Mac: The Unarchiver ( )
You can also unzip files online:

Q. Do you have any recommendations for the type of paper I should use to print the wall art?

A. It will depend on your preference and how you want to use the images. I test-print all my artwork before putting them out on my shop and I personally like matt or semi-gloss coated paper. High gloss paper will probably give you the most vibrant colors and contrast though. And every print shop has different options available, please consult your local shop or online printing servie before making a decision.

Q. I am interested in using your artwork for a commercial project, is it allowed?

A. All printable wall art available for sale on this website are for personal use only. Please contact me if you’re interested in the commercial use of wall art.