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My version of Sicilian pesto – ‘Pesto alla trapanese’

I love Italian food. Dare I say I love it almost as much as I love Korean food, and definitely eat as often as Korean food. Although I enjoy cooking Italian dishes, I am a little afraid of posting my recipes here. Italians are known to be very specific about their food, and many Italian people I’ve met over the years have proven that. So in order not to disgrace traditional ‘Pesto alla trapanese’ I have read and watched videos of many different types of recipes, from Nigella Lawson’s to a sweet Sicilian nonna’s. And after some researching and experimenting, I have come up with my favorite version, which is vegetarian without anchovy fillets and has no raw garlic. I know what you’re thinking, no garlic in pesto?? Believe me I have tried… Continue reading My version of Sicilian pesto – ‘Pesto alla trapanese’