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Vegan and vegetarian noodles, nooddles, noodles

Can you believe it is October? It is so easy to lose the track of time this year. I know fall has started in many parts of the world, but where I live late summer weather, which is a lot more bearable than early and mid summer weather, is here to stay for another few weeks. I promised to post more cold noodle recipes during this summer but I only seem to have shared them on my Instagram. (By the way, please check out my Instagram if you haven’t yet). So I decided to share 3 recipes today. They are all quick and easy, healthy and light with a little kick from spicy sauce. They are perfect for summer but good for any time of the year. Continue reading Vegan and vegetarian noodles, nooddles, noodles

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Green tea noodle salad with spicy Asian dressing

If you ever wanted to visit Hong Kong in the future, you should know that mid October through December and late March through early May are the most beautiful months to be here. There are rainy days in spring of course, (we have subtropical climate after all) but we also have many days of beautiful sun and breeze with relatively low humidity. Well, our spring has just passed by us without most of us even noticing it. Now it is full on summer with scorching heat, rains and unbearable humidity all the way through October, urgh….But at least now I have an excuse to make my favorite noodle salads all the time. Not that I need an excuse, but I really do make cold noodle salad a lot in summer ;-). Continue reading Green tea noodle salad with spicy Asian dressing

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Soba noodle salad with Korean chili paste “gochujang” sauce

korean platter noodles

I miss good authentic Korean food all year round, but there are a few cold dishes that I miss even more when summer hits Hong Kong hard. One of those dishes that I’ve been missing a lot lately is “Jaengban Guksu”, literally means noodles on a plate. It is cold soba served with lots of fresh vegetables and spicy Gochujang (fermented red chili paste) sauce and boiled eggs. Although called noodles, I think what it really highlights is the crunch vegetables. This dish is sweet, spicy, refreshing and quite healthy. The recipe doesn’t require any specific kind of vegetables, you can use whatever you like as long as they bring crunchiness to the dish. Cucumber and carrots are commonly used in Korea, and sometimes we add fruits like Asian pear. Apple will work great as well. I personally love adding as many rainbow color veggies as I can, not only for nutrition purpose but for making things more fun and pretty as well.

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Spicy garlicky soybean paste prawns and soba noodles

prawn noodles with Korean fermented soybean paste

Although my recipes in this blog are mostly vegetarian, I equally enjoy eating and cooking meat and seafood. Unfortunately my husband cannot eat most shellfish, which in fact is my favorite protein. So whenever I am not dining with him or he’s out of town I go hard on eating and cooking shellfish. Not that he banned me from eating them when he’s around, (he only pouts a little if I order them at restaurants sometimes) but sharing our food together is so important to us that I don’t want to cook or eat anything that he cannot enjoy. He was away for over 2 weeks recently, and I was able to come up with a couple of shellfish dishes that I really like during this time. This prawn soba is one of them, and it is simple, healthy, and delicious. Continue reading Spicy garlicky soybean paste prawns and soba noodles

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Miso and ginger poached salmon with warm soba noodles

Salmon is something I cook at least a couple of times a month, especially when I want a light and nutritious meal with lots of flavors. I really enjoy poaching salmon because it keeps its flesh ever so delicate and moist as well as being healthy. For me the best part is to be able to play with poaching liquid with different ingredients. In this post I will be sharing a recipe with classic Asian flavor combination of miso and ginger. No matter what you have in the liquid, the key is not to poach your fish in a boiling hot water. Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than tough and overcooked fish (well, besides overcooked chicken)… Continue reading Miso and ginger poached salmon with warm soba noodles

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Cold soba salad with avocado and roasted cashew nuts

Sometimes I just can’t be asked to do anything. Especially in a crazy hot Hong Kong summer day like today, last thing I want is to get cooked up in front of a hot stove. This dish is perfect for a day like this. It’s extremely simple since there’s not much cooking involved besides boiling some noodles and veggies, but still doesn’t compromise on flavors. This recipe, if I can call it a recipe, is based on everything I have in my cupboard and fridge. You can use any vegetables and nuts you have instead of what I listed. Just remember, you will want something crunch with your soba. Continue reading Cold soba salad with avocado and roasted cashew nuts