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“Galbijjim” Braised Korean beef short ribs

If I was asked to pick one dish that will make anyone fall in love with Korean food, I’d without a doubt pick “Galbijjim”, soy sauce braised beef short ribs. This melt-in-your mouth beef dish is sweet, savory, luxurious, festive and comforting all at the same time and often eaten at Chuseok (Mid Autumn festival) and Lunar New Year in Korea. When my husband met my family for the first time before we got married, my mom made this dish, which was his favorite Korean food at that time. My mom is a great cook and she also got a little help from her auntie who was running a successful Korean restaurant back then. Needless to say mom’s galbijjim was out of this world. I don’t know whether my husband was too nervous or too stuffed or both but he ended up spending quite a long time in the bathroom after dinner… Continue reading “Galbijjim” Braised Korean beef short ribs

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Vegan and vegetarian noodles, nooddles, noodles

Can you believe it is October? It is so easy to lose the track of time this year. I know fall has started in many parts of the world, but where I live late summer weather, which is a lot more bearable than early and mid summer weather, is here to stay for another few weeks. I promised to post more cold noodle recipes during this summer but I only seem to have shared them on my Instagram. (By the way, please check out my Instagram if you haven’t yet). So I decided to share 3 recipes today. They are all quick and easy, healthy and light with a little kick from spicy sauce. They are perfect for summer but good for any time of the year. Continue reading Vegan and vegetarian noodles, nooddles, noodles

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Hearty belly warming Korean stew – Deulkkae Sundubu

Korean deulggaesundubu

I have been wanting to post this recipe for quite a while. The reason it took me so long is mainly because of this dish being almost impossible to plate pretty for the pictures and the summer here has been hot as hell (too hot for belly warming stew…!) Weather has finally become so much cooler now, but I have to say this was definitely the most challenging food to photograph. Continue reading Hearty belly warming Korean stew – Deulkkae Sundubu

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Hangover breakfast – Kimchi and barley flour pancakes

kimchi pancakes

There aren’t that many things that I like more than Kimchi and eggs in this world. Especially when I am hungover and craving for something rich, spicy and refreshing at the same time. If I come home tipsy and I know that I will be hungover the next day, I head to the kitchen and make myself a Kimchi omelet no matter how late it is. This omelet makes me wake up with a puffy face but it also keeps me from having a splitting headache and nausea. I don’t know whether Kimchi actually cures the hangover or our brains and stomachs are just programmed to think that way but Kimchi is one of the most common hangover cure food in Korea. (As you could probably guess, we eat Kimchi for almost anything). Continue reading Hangover breakfast – Kimchi and barley flour pancakes

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The most delicious journey through Jeju Island, Korea

If you are planning a trip to Korea for the first time, you should definitely go to Seoul. A city that truly never sleeps. You could shop, eat, drink and party around the clock. You could easily have 4-5 meals a day as well as snacks and street food if you can handle it. But if you have been to Seoul and looking for some peace and quiet away from the hectic city, Jeju island (Jejudo in Korean) is the place for you. Jejudo is a volcanic island dominated by Hallasan (shield volcano and the highest mountain in South Korea). There is no place like Jeju island in Korea in terms of natural beauty, clean air and more importantly the food. This was my second time visiting and I fell in love with it all over again. Continue reading The most delicious journey through Jeju Island, Korea

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‘Tteokbokki‘ – Spicy Korean rice cakes with 7 minute eggs

Spicy rice cake, known as ‘Tteokbokki’ is an ultimate Korean street food. Every single one of us grew up eating this and it was the very first dish I ever cooked at home using my little brother as a taste tester. It is still extremely popular anywhere in Korea, where we have countless little joints, street vendors and even one of the streets of Seoul named after it (guess what kind of restaurants you can find there 😉 ). And if you are a foodie planning a trip to Seoul, this area is worth stopping by. Continue reading ‘Tteokbokki‘ – Spicy Korean rice cakes with 7 minute eggs

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Soybean paste chicken with rice and broccolis

I had the most amazing holiday in New Zealand earlier this month, and thanks to all the delicious meals I had there, I came home feeling like a big balloon :-(. In order to prepare myself for even more rich and festive meals ahead this month (don’t you just love December? ;-)) I decided to take a little break from indulging too much and trying to eat healthy whenever I can. Naturally my mind goes straight to Asian, especially Korean ingredients that I’m familiar with when I plan a healthy meal. And the fermented soybean paste (Doen Jang) is probably the heart and soul of ‘wellbeing food’ in Korea. Continue reading Soybean paste chicken with rice and broccolis

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Spicy and sweet pork stir-fry with Korean chili sauce

This is one of my all time favorite Korean food. Essential ingredient of the sauce is fermented Korean red chili paste called ‘Gochujang’, which is very commonly used in Korean cooking. Its complex spiciness is well balanced with the sweetness from onion and honey in this dish. Feel free to add a bit more honey if you want extra sweet flavor. And if you are worried about the heat taste the sauce after adding 1-2 tablespoons of chili paste then adjust the amount to your liking. Best way to serve the pork is to with fresh lettuce and fluffy rice. Continue reading Spicy and sweet pork stir-fry with Korean chili sauce

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Korean grilled beef in sweet soy sauce – Bulgogi

Korean soy sauce grilled beef bulgogi

Wonderfully sweet and umami Bulgogi is probably the best known and one of the most popular dishes among Korean food. I am a spicy food junkie, but I can never resist this tender mouth-watering beef dish. It is so simple to make, after you prepare and puree the ingredients all you have to do is to marinate and cook the beef in high heat quickly. Ingredients like Asian pear and ginger are known to tenderize the meat as well as adding flavors. It is also essential to use thinly sliced beef, as thin as possible. I use either flank or short rib cuts for shabu shabu. Continue reading Korean grilled beef in sweet soy sauce – Bulgogi